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About Company

The A9 HR Services, who can reach the candidates that have suitable profile for the position in question through the databank that has been created by using the interviewed candidates' curriculum vitae. We analyze the suitability of the candidate for the requirements and the expectations of the company through the detailed interviews that it carries cut.

Our Advantages

We teach with full dedication and devotion. We follow simple, systematic and scientific ways of teaching. Highest level of discipline creates a good atmosphere for teaching and learning. Our highly experienced and well behaved teachers respect the values of discipline, punctuality and regularity. Free training programs. A high-quality education is one of the most important things that we can provide you. Exposure to a variety of topics, people, and adventures all contribute to a fulfilling language experience to get through from the interview process. We take a distinctive approach to English language study.


A9 HR Services is formed to give you one shop solutions for all of your career needs with the best possible guidance and support in your journey to getting the right Job in the market.

We are working as career counselor for students aspiring to join premier companies and Industries after their University and college education as well as for all those candidate who have a degree however no job in association with leading companies in India.


Our Team

Iftikhar A. Sarkar

Managing Director .


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